ORICO Data Matrix Crowdfunding Kicks off July 2 on Kickstarter

ORICO Data Matrix Crowdfunding Kicks off July 2 on Kickstarter

ORICO is proud to announce the launch of Data Matrix (DMM). It blends unprecedented storage technology and performance, to empower the most beautiful creativity from thousands of post-production professionals and enthusiasts worldwide, to revolutionize the workflow.

Every Great Innovation Starts with a Sparkle of Inspiration

In the media and entertainment industry, professional creators are constantly pushing the creative boundaries of what's possible. The complexity and amount of data generated in post-production workflows are growing exponentially. With the widespread adoption of ultra-high-definition (4K/8K) content, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) technologies, higher-standard demand for data storage and management has never been greater.

However, traditional storage solutions take limited performance, no longer meet urgent needs. Creators bog down due to huge challenges. It’s countless hours spent in editing rooms, the frustration of wait times and downtime, the constant struggle to find enough storage space and cumbersome data management.

Apple Mac series packs the speed users need to get more done faster and successfully. But Mac users always are stuck in low-memory anxiety when they do more complex tasks and back up abundant footage. On the other hand, the high cost of every 256GB upgrade deters many users from initial purchase decisions for larger capacities, affecting their overall productivity and workflow. Any more perfect choice?

Here, the groundbreaking Data Matrix (DMM) comes with a game changer, which balances speed, capacity and flexibility.

hardware raid enclosure

Ultra-Fast and Large Hybrid Storage Solution for Creators

ORICO DMM is the world’s first hybrid storage for instant post-production created by ORICO and Western Digital (WD) collaboratively. DMM offers a one-stop production service to photographers, videographers, designers, and other creative professionals. DMM combines SSD and WD Red™ HDD drive. Creator can seamlessly complete the processing from editing hot data to backing up cold data.

In the past, hours-long 4K import/export, scattered content and insufficient capacity hindered creators’ processing. Now with DMM, save then start post-production immediately after filming without any downtime. More power behind every program - DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) workflows, CG animation, rendering, video editing, 3D interaction, code compiling, etc.

Highlights that Tackle the Core Challenges

  • Up to 112TB SSD+WD Red™ Hybrid Storage: Provide hot and cold data processing zones, at lower costs but high data security.
  • 1500MB/s Imports& Exports: Make theMac import time dramatically shortened by 95%. 
  • 3000+ MB/s Editing Speed:Natively editenormous footage in real-time, faster and smoother than ever.
  • Hardware RAID Stacking: RAID 0/1/5/10, JBOD and Normal ensure data reliability and security.
  • Whisper-QuietOperation:Create a distraction-free environment, especially for your nighttime creation.
  • Support for up to 5 Devices Daisy-Chained: Flexible combinations of multiple hard drives, 4K displays, card readers, and more meet various complex scenarios as needed.
  • Apple-InspiredAesthetic:Pairs great with Apple desktop setting, level up Mac using experience.


Forbes Spotlights DMM

"I watched a demonstration of a DMM prototype running at Orico’s research lab. The write speed of the unit topped out at 1,500 MB/s while read speeds reached 3,000 MB/s making editing of video footage feasible in real-time." Mark mentioned and appraised particularly in "Orico Reveals New Hybrid Storage System For Apple Macs".

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ORICO offers 3 DMM specification options:
  • Data Matrix Elite 2Big: 5TB/ 9TB/ 17TB/ 23TB capacity options
  • Data Matrix Pro 3Big: 10TB/ 18TB/ 34TB/ 46TB capacity options
  • Data Matrix Ultra 6Big: 22TB/ 72TB/ 82TB/ 112TB capacity options
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    For more information and to support the ORICO Data Matrix campaign, visit the official crowdfunding page and keep up-to-date on exclusive insider discounts with limited quantities. Get it by clicking [here]. Join the video production revolution today!

    About ORICO

    ORICO, one of the brands of Yuan Chuang Group, is a global leader in data storage and electronic solutions. In 2009, ORICO was founded by R&D engineer Mr. Xu Yeyou, and headquartered in Shenzhen, China. The name, ORICO, comprises the initial letters of "Original" and "Company," reflecting its ongoing commitment to technological innovation since its establishment. ORICO consistently introduces top-performing, highly reliable product solutions that significantly enhance productivity and improve people's lives.




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