Our Story

ORICO was founded in 2009, which is innovative high-tech enterprise rooted in R & D of intelligent digital peripherals. Based on strength of R & D, strict attitude of production, rich experience of R & D and long-term marketing planning, ORICO insists on providing more convenient products with high performance for individuals, families or enterprises. ORICO is well known for its reliable and innovative image. And it is remembered by cooperated partners deeply because of its fast speed, strict attitude, high quality.

Our Mission

Orico focuses on the field of storage and transmission of data and power. With its diversified product portfolio, the company meets the needs of consumers while allowing them to experience the changes and convenience brought by technology.
Orico continues to create new products, lead new market categories, and reshape the global consumption patterns of data access products. In the future, Orico will rely on  NAS, Docking Stations, UFSD flash drives, Cables, and other product portfolios to meet the global market's personalized data storage and transmission needs.We will also take social responsibility, promote resource reciprocity, and speak for Chinese companies and Chinese manufacturing.

Sell well for 11 years worldwide

Since the establishment of ORICO, it has opened up domestic and overseas offline channels in many countries around the world for 11 years, and has independent agents and distributors in many countries. ORICO has been accepted by the industry in the external HDD enclosure and USB3.0 peripherals for four consecutive years, our fast charging surge protector keeps the top 5 in the rapid growth.

Superior R&D Team

We are committed to providing innovative and practical solutions for customers' needs. Established a professional R & D team of nearly 100 senior engineers, structural engineers, electronic engineers, etc. Develop thousands of products such as USB storage, USB expansion, USB power strip, USB charging, digital accessories, and quality peripherals. We maintain the R&D of new products every week.

Annual production capacity over 4B.

Adopting 5S management is the premise of creating excellent products. ORICO invested nearly 80 million to build Internet & Creativity Industrial Park, a comprehensive service center integrating innovation and technology training, project incubation, industry acceleration, investment and financing services, and more. The annual production capacity has steadily exceeded RMB 4 billion.(600 million USD)

Explore New Tech Constantly

All-around Application of Type-C Technology

We apply more advanced Type-C technical scheme whose data transmission speed reaches up to 10Gbps into our classic storage, innovative expansion products, 3C accessories and more daily gadgets. As for function expansion of Type-C, it can be compatible with Apple Thunderbolt3 port and can support data transmission, PD two-way power deliver and more functions.

USB Data/Power
Transmission Technology

ORICO keeps exploring and innovating USB technology, for example, we develop the data transmission technology from USB2.0 to leading USB3.1 tech; we apply USB weak current to digital devices and more products. ORICO will pursue more breakthroughs with the technological age.

Household Strong Current Safety Technology 

Involved in household power strip and other products powered on 220V strong voltage, we take all aspects into account to ensure security, including material select and electronic structure design. Our products are qualified national 3C standard, overseas FCC and other relevant certificates.

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“Little Change, Big Difference” brand concept impels us to accumulate changes step by step. No matter individual technical of our staffs or R&D of products and consideration about customers’ feelings, we are accumulating changes gradually. Finally, all efforts will make us closer to the big dream of “Empower People to Live a Better Life”.

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