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Data Matrix

1st Real-Time
Hybrid Storage for

Power Your Creative Journey

Data Matrix Timeline


Data Matrix Timeline


Premier Storage,
Unleashed Globally


Premier Storage, Unleashed Globally


No Wait, Instant Video Workflows.
Efficiency Boosted Tenfold and Beyond.

Introducing the ORICO-WD Instant Post-Production Synthesis Storage System – a pinnacle of collaboration between ORICO and WD, redefining the boundaries of storage technology.
The world's first Instant Professional Post-Production Hyper-Converged Storage Solution, meticulously engineered for the most demanding scenarios in DIT, CG animation, rendering, and editing of ultra-high-definition content. This system revolutionizes the workflow, offering an unprecedented boost in efficiency, amplifying productivity by folds.
It's a behemoth among video streaming production tools, unleashing unparalleled capabilities that transform how creative professionals work. Experience the future of post-production today, where seamless integration meets extreme performance, empowering creators to push their visions to new heights.


Lightning-Fast Import

CFexpress Type-B slot gives read speed up to 1500 MB/s. Your Mac import time is now dramatically shortened by 95%.


Direct Intensive Production

2TB SSD delivers up to 3000+ MB/s transmission. You will natively edit footage, even enormous data sets in real-time, faster and smoother than ever.


110 TB for Your Massive Works

Abundant materials are readily accessible, with backup and redundancy measures in place to ensure data security and reliability.

Pioneer Hot and Cold Data Matrix™

A masterpiece to tackle challenges of almost any complex post-production!

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The Absolute Fastest I/O

Fully support Thunderbolt™—the fastest external interface available today—up to 40Gbps transfer speeds.Paired with ultra-high-speed SSDs, external performance surpasses internal drives,meeting the stringent demands of 4K, 8K, VR, and high dynamic range editing.


Run Cooler and Quieter Under Heavy Workloads

Compared to the high speed (7200 RPM), high power consumption, and high noise of traditional drives,
WD Red™ utilizes a large cache and low RPM,achieving high performance without relying onhigh rotational speed. This significantly reduces power consumption and noise,providing a quiet and comfortable environment for continuous work.


RAID Stacking 
Doubles the RAID Reliability  

It is the first all-Raid and user-friendly hardware. For optimal performance, it is pre-configured with RAID 5, supports RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, and RAID 50, offering multiple flexible and secure storage solutions.


Data Security Beyond Expectations
Safeguard Your Precious Images


Support for up to5 Devices Daisy-chained

Flexible combinations of multiple hard drives,4K displays, card readers,
and more meet various complex scenarios as needed.


An Overwhelming Visual Tech Feast.

We designed the Data Matrix with Apple-equivalent materials and Mac's visual language.
Fully integrate into your Apple desktop ecosystem.


Blazing-Fast Import and Export on iPhone

USB-C now is upgraded to match the 10Gbps speed of iPhone 15 Pro.
Experience faster file transfers after shooting with your iPhone 15 Pro, or among iPhone/iPad/MacBook

Blazing-Fast Import and Export on iPhone

USB-C now is upgraded to match the 10Gbps speed of iPhone 15 Pro. Experience faster file transfers after shooting with your iPhone 15 Pro, or among iPhone/iPad/MacBook