How to Choose a Power Strip for Me?

| Apr 07 2024         


The power strip known as an outlet extender or surge protector, is essential in our tech lives. They allow us to connect multiple electronic devices to a power source conveniently. Whereas, there are many differences in safety, convenience, functionality and right application. We will here provide some thoughtful tips on selection for you.

Factors to Consider When Taking a Pick

1. Safety Comes First
An overload, leak and surge protector guarantees peace of mind when in use. Look for such a safe power strip to safeguard you and your precious electronics. And materials with fire and heat resistance increase stability and security.

2. Widely Spaced
Proper spacing between each interface ensures plugs won't block each other and unplugging independently is a breeze. In addition, a flat plug power strip is a plus. ORICO power strip series generally comes with a flat and 45° angled plug. It's able to hide it behind your furniture, such as a sofa, bed, nightstand, and TV stand, or free up more space between the next outlet. PSO series power strip features a circular shape and the outlets face in four directions, to the maximum extent, widening the tight spacing among multiple plugs. OG series power strip with USB port is equiped with a spacious interface arrangement. Up to 1250W output, support plugging and charging 7 devices simultaneously and powerfully. It's perfect for adding your office power setup.

3. Number and Type of Outlets
When it comes to the number of outlets, determine how many devices you need to plug in. Make sure the power strip is designed with enough outlets for your current and future needs. If you regularly charge devices via USB, the power strip with USB ports is of course necessary. No need for additional adapters. The PW series long power strip with USB charging capabilities is a relatively simple setup. 3 AC outlets, 2 USB-C, and a USB-A accommodate 6 plugs at the same time. Equipped with ingenious 2-side outlets and 3 USB ports, the 5 in 1 travel power strip provides more connection options while remaining a pocket size for better portability. Put it in your pocket, bag or luggage without adding more bulk when travelling.

4. Power Output
Checking the single and total capable power outputs is very important. Especially, when you plan to simultaneously connect multiple devices for powering, you need to ensure the power strip has strong load capability and accommodates the voltage standards of your region (i.e. Support 220V plug) to prevent device damage due to voltage mismatches. Or else, inefficiently powering is never fun. By the way, if you have fast-charging devices, make sure the USB power strip offers adequate amperage for quick charging.

5. Cord Length
Think about where you'll place the power strip, in your bedroom, living room or office. You may need a power strip with a long cord that can reach your nearest power source without causing tension or hazards. In ORICO's collection, 1m, 3m, 5m, 7m cords and more are available for your selection.


Besides the factors mentioned above the guide, the color, shape, brand reputation and reviews of power strips could be taken into account according to individual demands.
In a world where our lives are increasingly dependent on electronic devices, a well-chosen power strip can make all the difference. Whether it's for your home office, entertainment center, travel or outdoor needs, selecting a power strip with the right combination of AC and USB outlets can help you stay connected and protected.