🎉ORICO Data Matrix Kickstarter Launch GIVEAWAY 🎉

To celebrate our project launch on Kickstarter,Now you have the chance to win an ORICO Data Matrix,an ultimate solution for your creative needs.

With ultra-fast transfer interfaces and SSD+ WD Red™ hybrid storage,you can say goodbye to transfer delays and capacity issues!
How to enter:
1. Like and share the post on Facebook & Instagram

2. Follow us on above media(we will check)
3. @ more friends to enter together
4. Share your memorable experiences in your video workflow in the comments.

Listed Prizes:
1x Data Matrix Pro 2Big 9TB
1x Magnetic Portable SSD 2TB
8x Pocket Travel Power Strip


10 winners will be picked to win one of the prizes(when there are more than 150 people enter)
The giveaway is open now until Aug 5th, and winners will be announced on Aug 8th Winners need to claim the prize within 7 days, otherwise it will be regarded as a forfeiture.(Limited to North American, European, and Australian countries.)


Boost your winning odds:

ORICO Data Matrix Launch GIVEAWAY, Boost Your Creativity Tenfold and Beyond


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