ORICO LED Light 5-in-1 60W Power Delivery Docking Station

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  • 5-in-1 Massive Expansion: A one-stop server with 5 ports for data transfer, charging and video output.
  • 420MB/S Data Transfer: With USB3.0 Gen1, exchange files in seconds and wait less.
  • 4K@30Hz Video Output: Enjoy ultra clear and smooth videos, movies on another big screen.
  • PD60W Fast Charging: Charge your devices at maximum efficiency, save your time.
  • Rapid Heat Dissipation: Al-alloy shell with good thermal conductivity stays cool.
Color: Grey
Type: 5-in-1:
a5-in 1 docking station4k 30Hz, PD 60w, 5Gbps 420MB/s

High- speed Charging 60W, 5Gbps   4k @ 30Hz restores stunning wisuals

LED light adds more vegue